Thank you Eye 4 Art

Thank you Eye 4 Art!

The members of Eye 4 Art presented us with an amazing triptych at our AGM. The triptych is a lino cut representation of Milton Keynes to hang on our new office’s walls. It will certainly brighten our room up!

Eye 4 Art is a group which meets regularly, giving members the chance to enhance their skills in various art and craft workshops. It is a BucksVision club but volunteers from the Reader Service help the members with their activities. They meet the first Thursday of the Month.

Recently, the participants have been working with researchers from The Open University to make e-textile objects which reflect stories or memories which are personal to them. The will be displaying the objects created by the participants in the event space at MKGallery, who have been generously hosting our workshops.

E-textiles, otherwise known as electronic textiles, is a field which combines together conductive threads, made of silver or steel, with electronics such as small circuit boards. From these you can create interactive objects. By working with these materials in the workshops we have been exploring the link between textures of materials and touch, with the participants experiencing crafting techniques such as weaving and finger knitting, combining their outcomes with sound to bring a story or memory to life.

Join the Eye 4 Art Group on Monday 21st August from 1:30 – 3:30pm to celebrate the pieces and discuss them with the artists over refreshments. The address for MK Gallery event space is:

900 Midsummer Blvd
Milton Keynes