Pat’s Poem -1st Prize in the Bucks Vision Defraine Competition


Of all the things I long to see,

The thing that means the most to me,

     It’s not a tree, a bird, a place,

     It’s just to see your dearest face.

     To look into your eyes grey-blue,

     So stead-fast, loyal and so true.

     To watch your lips curl into a smile,

     That lingers gently for a while.


And then I found the gift of touch,

To help recall what means so much.

To feel your mouth, your cheek, your brow

Can help me view the face I know.

My fingertips can softly trace

The gentle contours of your face.

As if by magic then I find

        That I can see you in my mind……

Pat Smith (9th January 2015)

Congratulations, Pat – a beautiful sentiment!