The Milton Keynes Reader Service was first set up in 1988 as a direct result of consultation with local disabled people who identified the need for such a scheme. Originally under the umbrella of the Milton Keynes Council of Disabled People, it has developed since then into an independent registered charity.

Equal access to information is a basic right, which is denied to many people with disabilities either because they cannot see or cannot physically manage printed material. Its original aim was to offer a reading and writing service to visually impaired people living in their own home.

The service continues to be guided by the needs of the people who use its services. As such it has a management committee which consists of both Service Users and Volunteers. The committee meets six times a year to coordinate fund-raising, events and review project progress.

Committee members are active throughout the year, contributing to the smooth running of the Service.

There is also a separate Development Committee which deals with new projects.

The MK Reader Service has one paid employee, who is the Service co-ordinator. Working part-time, the co-ordinator recruits new volunteers, organises training and matches them to service users appropriately. All other work for the Service is undertaken by volunteers.