On the 20th of June 2015, Me, Ksenia Blake and my husband Craig Blake attended a lovely quiz night organised by MK reader service. It was held at The Peartree Centre, which is the main office of Age UK in Milton Keynes.

This year the topic of the contest was called “The trees”. There were 20 sections in the quiz. Every team formed by four or five people had to quickly discuss and write their answers in a short pause between each five questions.

During the break, the attendees were offered light refreshments and had a chance to speak to their team members and meet new people. Also, at that time the additional set of questions had to be filled in and passed to the person, responsible for counting points.

Russian Dolls donated by Ksenia.

Russian Dolls donated by Ksenia.


At the end of the quiz, while the judges were busy choosing the winners, Martin Lycet conducted the auction. As a part of the donation process, the guests were encouraged to bid and purchase a great variety of goods and services, including, cakes, beer glasses, ironing and gardening.




The last minutes of this night were devoted to the Raffle draw. It was nice to see quite A few people receiving good prizes.

Hand made bird table by Philip Kent

Hand made bird table by Philip Kent


Being happy visitors, we would like to thank MK Reader Service coordinator Karen for arranging such wonderful event, as well as Stefan and Paula Suchy for doing a great research and putting the data together. According to Reader Service Users that I met in different social clubs after this quiz night, it was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed. They raised just over £600.

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