MK readers at “Eggheads”

In January a team representing the MK Reader Service travelled to snowy Glasgow to take part in the BBC quiz show, “Eggheads”. Paula Suchy, Stephen Harrison, Jeff Bashton, Nana Frempong, Alison Statham and Terry Calvert made up the team which took on the quiz experts in a bid to win money for the service.



We were well looked after by the production team there. The wardrobe staff selected the outfits they wanted us to wear and the team was sent to makeup. The ladies required very little assistance, but Jeff did insist on his favourite brands of foundation and moisturiser!


Then it was off to the studio. It takes about two hours in all, with all the breaks to change the team members in the question room, but everyone agreed that the time flew by. Jeremy Vine and the Eggheads team were a pleasure to meet. Jeremy even took time during breaks in filming to chat and take selfies with the team!

We were told that our episode will be aired later in the year and we will publicise the date, when known, so that you can see how we got on. Until then, we are only allowed to say that we had a lovely time there and it proved to be a great experience.

An added bonus on the trip was that we discovered deep fried Mars bars really are available in Glasgow chip shops. As if things couldn’t get better, Stephen discovered that his favourite tipple, Irn Bru, is now available in a diet version! Who would have thought it?

Terry Calvert